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Monday, March 28, 2005

Favourite pokemon

I get a lot of questions asking what is the best pokemon. There is no “best”—the real challenge is picking pokemon you like and training them to be champions. By selecting the right moves, you can even give pokemon an unexpected edge. For example, I taught Mewtwo the fighting move submission. Psychic pokemon are usually in trouble when facing their dark counterparts, but now Mewtwo is up to the challenge—even going head to head with Tyranitar.

I don't usually fight with Mewtwo though. So here are a few of my favourite pokemon, and why. Marshtomp—good for water and ground attacks, and can't be hurt by electric. Xatu has good psychic abilities, and can fly. Shedinja—a real challenge with only 1HP, but that Wonderguard ability is interesting. Zangoose looks cool, and it is handy to have a normal type pokemon in your party. Flygon because he can dig and fly! I can't forget Heracross, the only bug pokemon who can learn the strongest bug attack: megahorn—and because the first time I caught one I had to headbutt trees to find him!

Those are just a few. But don't copy me. Make your own party and train them to be the best!

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Shiny Safari

I was back in the Safari Zone today to hunt down a Dratini for my collection. I didn't really want to go there after the disaster with the shiny Exeggcute but I went along anyway. After a lot of trying I finally caught a Dratini and went on my way. After only a few steps I came across an incredible sight! A shiny red/pink Rhyhorn! This time I was prepared for a shiny Pokemon encounter and threw some bait at it. It only took one Safari Ball to catch it! Yes!

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Eevee evolution solutions!

Eevee is the evolution pokemon—for good reason—and can evolve into five different pokemon!

  1. Espeon, the sun pokemon (train Eevee during the day)
  2. Flareon, the flame pokemon (use a fire stone)
  3. Jolteon, the lightning pokemon (use a thunder stone)
  4. Umbreon, the moonlight pokemon (train Eevee only at night)
  5. Vaporeon, the bubble jet pokemon (use a water stone)
If you want to train all the different evolved forms, you can breed any Eevee evolution (if your pokemon is male, breed with a Ditto) to get an Eevee egg.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Safari Zone - the worst place for catching Pokemon.

I saw a shiny yellow Exeggcute this morning in the Safari Zone! The little bunch of eggs fled before I could catch it! If I were anywhere else I could have thrown a Master Ball but no - I had to find a shiny in the Safari Zone.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Recover the stolen sapphire in Fire Red or Leaf Green!

When you finally find the sapphire on Seven Island it is immediately stolen from you by a scientist who intends to sell it to Team Rocket. To get it back from the scientist head to the warehouse on Five Island and enter the two passwords. After defeating the Team Rocket members inside you will be able to battle the scientist and reclaim your sapphire!

By giving the ruby and the sapphire to Celio in the Pokemon Center on One Island you will be able to trade pokemon with the Ruby and Sapphire games!

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