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Writing daemon stigma

Writing in the fantasy genre has long been an interest of mine. This site is a place for me to practice writing and get feedback — if you wish to help me out, that is. It’s also interesting to look back and see how my style has changed over time.


This site is an exploration of story writing in an interactive medium. Rather than writing a novel from start to finish, I write small pieces about one page in length. The overall story is built from a multitude of these, and readers are able to choose which path they follow. Sometimes I don’t even know the path between two tales until inspiration strikes — years later! Requests are most welcome.


Selected tales include additional features, such as original notes, thoughts and comments on the subject, maps, sketches, character profiles, previous drafts, reader comments and more. I’ve been a little inspired by the DVD medium (with the plethora of commentaries and features available) and think this adds another dimension to the website.


I’m a big fan of action sequences and this is a key aspect of my tales. In particular I’ve worked at adapting techniques from film/tv like: close ups, slow motion, fast motion, quick cuts. I often feel the action in novels is over too fast, and I wonder how much it can be stretched (without becoming boring to read of course).


Magic of course plays a part, though I try not to refer to it as such. These tales explore a different aspect of “magic”, specifically how a society would cope if magic were within common reach; rather than something requiring great training and dedication. I’ve a few thoughts on this, but it will evolve. You’ll have to read the tales to see how it’s panned out so far…

Fun to read

Above all, I write tales I’d like to read again later. At least, that’s the plan — it doesn’t always turn out that way! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them too. Happy hunting!

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