Why Croc Stays in his Swamp!

It was a dark cloudy night. All was silent — until, “Hooowwl”. All the animals awoke with a fright. They knew what that howl meant. Dingo was on the prowl!

Perched on a rock, high above the ground, Dingo watched. He could see Koala’s gum tree. With one enormous leap, he landed at the foot of Koala’s tree.

“Come out, Koala,” he snarled, “or else, I’ll come in!” Shaking with fright, Koala climbed down the tree. Dingo snarled, and showed all his teeth. They glistened in the faint light like 100 shining knives. Koala fainted. Dingo grinned an easy grin, this was easy. He dragged the unconscious Koala to Croc’s hideout, at Blackwater Billabong.

Illustration: Dingo scares Koala “Come out, Koala”
Copyright Ben Boyle 1990.