Why Croc Stays in his Swamp!

So they all set off, and soon they came to Blackwater Billabong. No-one noticed Croc hiding in the dark water. “Alright Croc, come out!” yelled Roo into the dark caves. One hundred little red lights appeared in the caves.

“Oh no!” screamed Possum, Wombat and Echidna with one voice, “It’s the vampire bats!!!” But Roo knew what to do.

“Light a fire,” he ordered.

“This is no time to toast marshmallows,” said Emu.

“I’m not going to,” replied Roo, “But bats are scared to death of fire!” Quickly the fire was built and lit. The vampire bats squealed in terror, “fire!” They all flew away, and didn’t come back for ten years.

Illustration: Croc hides while the fire scares the bats “Light a fire”, he ordered
Copyright Ben Boyle 1990.