Why Croc Stays in his Swamp!

“I’m sorry, Roo,” said Cockatoo, “but I couldn’t find Numbat, so we’re short one person.”

“Alright,” said Roo, “Now, where’s Croc’s hideout?”
“I know,” said Emu, “they’re hiding out in the caves in the cliff just behind Blackwater Billabong.”

“Not Blackwater Billabong?!!” exclaimed Possum.
“You … you mean the … caves with the vampire bats?!!” stammered Wombat.
“Yes,” said Roo, “but we can handle them.”
“Are you absolutely sure?” asked Echidna.

“Of course,” said Roo, “and besides, we mightn’t have to go in at all!”

Illustration: Afraid of the bats “Where’s Croc’s hideout?”
Copyright Ben Boyle 1990.